3 Products to Take Your Backyard Entertaining to the Next Level


High-tech upgrades to help get the most out of your outdoor living space

From robot vacuum cleaners and sensor-activated faucets to solar-powered lights and voice assistants, the technology currently available to improve your home is getting better each day. When it comes to entertaining, this couldn’t be more true, as there are a breadth of possibilities beyond a screening room or a pool table, especially when it comes to upgrading an outdoor space. Anyone can throw a backyard barbecue, so here is your list of high-tech features to take yours to the next level.

Traeger Timberline Grill

A staple of outdoor entertainment is a grill, and in the Traeger Timberline, you’ll find a premier backyard cooking solution with high-tech features guaranteed to impress your guests. Marrying modern technology with classic cooking technique, the Traeger Timberline is fueled by wood chips and can be controlled from anywhere using the grill’s WiFire technology. You can adjust and monitor temperature, smoke, cooking cycles, and more via a smartphone app, which allows chefs to mingle with guests and enjoy the party rather than obsess over checking the grill. Downloadable recipes enable you to preprogram the grill to cook autonomously and duplicate great results every time.

Blossom by Shadecraft

For those that want to enjoy some relief from the sun, Blossom by Shadecraft is a revolutionary umbrella packed with technology to change the way you spend time outside. Fitted with integrated solar panels, Blossom generates renewable energy to power its onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities, as well as premium speakers, embedded LED lights, and USB ports for device charging. The Blossom is also packed with sensors to automatically close in inclement weather, avoid opening near obstacles, and stream data on temperature, humidity, UV radiation, and air quality to the Shadecraft mobile app. Not only is the Blossom functional, but it also sports a sleek and modern design.

SkyVue Fusion TV

One of the biggest challenges of outdoor entertaining is finding a TV that can both withstand the elements and provide a high-quality viewing experience. Bringing smart technology outdoors, the SkyVue Fusion TV combines a bright LED panel display with a weatherproof chassis for durability. High-quality internal speakers also allow guests to experience sound from near and far. Integrated with Google Chromecast, you can enjoy thousands of apps from the SkyVue Fusion, including the latest in streaming, such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and more. Users can also pair the TV with their smartphone to use as a remote, as well as with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to operate controls via voice.

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