Our Process

Our Process

We Are Here to Simplify the Process, Make It Easy, Enjoyable and Fun!


How To Buy Your Dream Home

  1. Schedule an initial consultation & Grand Tour of the areas in your price range.
  2. Find your Dream Home.
  3. Negotiate the best possible price for your new dream home.
  4. Navigate contingency removals & the escrow process.
  5. Move in & build memories & start traditions.


How To Sell At The Highest Possible Price

  1. Schedule an initial consultation.
  2. Customize & implement a marketing plan.
  3. Review offers & negotiate the highest possible price. 
  4. Navigate contingency removals & the escrow process. 
  5. Celebrate & get to where you want to go. 

Work With Us

The Motley Team look forward to helping you grow roots in the wonderful communities of the East Bay.
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