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Shivani & Kunal

Simon is wonderful. He helped us find a beautiful home in Oakland after we relocated from San Diego a few months ago. We are first time homebuyers and were nervous to jump into this aggressive bay area market. However, from the beginning Simon walked us through the whole process, in detail. Quickly we came to realize that Simon is basically a real estate guru, life coach, financial expert, and warm friend, all in one package. With his in-depth knowledge of the bay area he was able to show us neighborhoods that we never even knew existed as bay area natives, and pockets of cities that we fell in love with. His practical tips, knowledgeable guidance, and fierce negotiating approach truly sealed the deal during our bidding war, and I am confident we would not have been selected as the winning offer if it wasn't for him. If you're looking to sell or buy I highly recommend the Motley Team, as they are professional, detailed, experienced, hands on and caring. Thank you Simon for making our home buying experience so amazing.

Ken & Melanie

We had a great experience working with Simon and Saraya They were so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We were able to buy a great house in a very competitive market, as well as quickly sell our house for a lot more than we expected. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering buying and selling at the same time, it was very convenient. Everyone on their team was so helpful, and we truly feel like the Motleys are good friends now.


Knowing the East Bay and the comps inside and out, Saraya is really good at presenting an offer and making it happen. She knows how to get it done. Her depth of knowledge and honesty is apparent in all of her responses. She is a great advisor. Originally, Saraya Motley came highly recommended by our good friends. I have since recommended her to my friends.

Michael & Tammy

Our experience with the Motley’s was that they were always available from beginning to end. They were the most experienced realtors we interviewed. They had super professional fliers. I felt like they marketed my 360K dollar condo as if they were selling a 7M dollar house. They were so committed to us.


When I was selling it was not a good situation, I was going though a divorce and needed to sell quickly but I neither had the will nor the emotional strength to do it all. Saraya was not only my agent but she acted as my project manager, she handled all of the contractors and repairs that I just couldn’t deal with.


The real secret here is Saraya and Simon's ability to negotiate. They are relentless, but do it in a really acceptable and professional way. On top of that, they have really great social skills and make the process fun. You can actually have fun and enjoy buying and selling a house with Saraya and Simon.


Saraya and Simon are very professional, yet very personal. Their attention to detail was complete and everything was always taken care of. They were always very responsive from start to finish. They became our friends


We knew Saraya and Simon as neighbors and although we had two other neighbors who were realtors, because of their demeanor, market knowledge, sense of humor and calming effect on us, they were an excellent 'fit'.


Simon and Saraya offer solutions that are affordable, timely and smart and will help sell your house and get the most money for you. They are all business. They are very clear in their communication and about the results.


I was impressed by their partnership, strength in numbers and the fact that they are married and can work so well together makes if feel like a real relationship, not just a business deal.

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