Neighborhood Highlight: Temescal

One of the best things about living in the East Bay is quick access to delicious foods. Whether you desire an upscale dining experience or a low-key snack to go with the perfect cold brew, Temescal is one of the destinations to make all your foodie dreams come true.
One of our favorite spots is Pizzaiolo on Telegraph in the heart of Temescal because it’s practically one-stop shopping for all of your restaurant desires. If you’re looking for an exemplary cup of coffee, you’ll find it there, but be warned: they don’t mess around with your requests for low-fat milk or packaged sweeteners. It’s full fat and real sugar all the way. The baristas calmly and deliberately make the perfect cup and will call you when it’s ready. And it’s worth it because it’s so darn delicious. The pastries are to die for and If you need to make some new friends they’re all about sharing tables so if they’re full, they take newbies in hand and introduce them to people who are sitting alone. Dinner features locally-sourced food that will make you feel like you’re eating in the heart of Florence instead of right down the street from your new home.
If you’re looking for casual, festive and fun, check out Roses’ Taproom, also on Telegraph Ave. It’s a relative newcomer, with their one-year anniversary celebration happening this summer. The ambiance is casual and their beer selection is house made and interesting. It’s family friendly and there are yummy nibbles available to boot! Temescal Brewery is another terrific spot to grab a delicious indie brew. They have tons of casual outside seating with strings lights zig-zagging the open-air seating area to keep the evenings illuminated and hopping.
For those who are gluten-free or love someone who is, Mariposa Bakery is the place for you. The big, airy bakery has both sweets and savories, fresh bread, gluten-free baking ingredients, and croissants that are even airy. Their cream-filled chocolate cupcakes are incredibly yummy and are vegan and soy free in addition to being gluten-free. It’s taste bud heaven for the gluten-free gang who want to enjoy food that not only looks beautiful but delights the pallet.
We would be remiss if we skipped tipping you off about the Friday Night Food Truck Extravaganza. It begins on May 7 in Kasper’s Plaza on Telegraph Avenue. As you might guess, the food trucks arrive and the community gathers. In addition to the food trucks, you’ll find music, kid-friendly activities, and plenty of neighbors to dish with while you dine. It’s seasonal, so check the following website before you head over
This is just a sample platter to whet your appetite. In Temescal, you’ll find a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness and it’s one of the neighborhoods we cover, so we’re happy to talk to you further if you’re interested in living in this vibrant community.

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