On the Move: Getting From Here to There With Minimum Stress

At some point in our lives we all have to pack up and move. Here are some tips to help the process be as pain and stress free as possible.

Leading up to the Big Day:

Shop around for a moving company if you are going to hire movers. If you plan to do it yourself, reserve a moving truck several weeks in advance.
If you are downsizing, sell or give away any furniture that won’t fit into your new home before you move.
While you are packing, designate a place to pile all the items you plan to donate. That way it will be simple to either have items picked up or delivered to the charity of your choice.
When marking boxes, write on both the top and sides so you can easily see where they should be placed upon your arrival.
Remember to keep out scissors and packing tape when you’re packing up your office supplies, so you don’t accidentally leave yourself with no way to seal and label boxes.
If you have to disassemble any furniture, keep all the screws and small pieces in a plastic zip lock bag. Tape the bag directly onto the piece of furniture you'll need to reassemble, so they don’t get separated.
Take a photo of the back of your television before removing any cords. That way, when you hook it back up, you’ll have it for your reference in case you don't remember where everything goes.
Pack a separate box with all of your essentials such as laptop, toiletries, medicine, pajamas and a change of clothes. Transport it in your car, instead of the moving van, so it is easily accessible.

Bed and Bath Packing Tips:

While your clothes are still hanging in the closet, use trash bags to create large garment bags to keep your clothes in order. Simply cut a hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag, slip it over a group of hanging clothes—garment bag style, and voila: Hang the grouping back up, tie the bottom closed and they’re ready for easy transport.
Use laundry baskets and suitcases to pack folded clothing, socks and undies.
To insure that lotions and potions don’t leak during transit, remove the top, cover the jar or bottle with plastic wrap, and then replace the lid before packing it.
Use an empty egg carton to pack jewelry, so it doesn't end up in a big, tangled jumble upon arrival.
Clearly mark an “open me first” box with your sheets, towels, blankets, soap and other essentials for a comfortable first night.

Kitchen Packing Tips:

Wrap your full utensil container with plastic wrap before placing it into a box so that when you arrive everything is still neatly in its place and ready to slide into your new kitchen drawer.
Pack small kitchen items, such as spices, in large saucepans to keep them contained, and so that they’ll be easily found when you unpack the kitchen.
Wrap kitchen breakables in dish towels instead of bubble wrap to keep them safe and save yourself from having to pack them separately.
If you have an old oven mitt, pack sharp knives inside it, and then rubber band or tape the top closed so that sharp blades are contained.
If you are moving your refrigerator and freezer, either wrap it in plastic wrap or use painter’s tape (except on stainless steel) to tape the doors shut so they don’t open while they are being maneuvered into the van. (Do not use painter’s tape on stainless steel or the tape will leave a mark.) Needless to say empty your fridge and freezer first!

On the Big Day:

Be sure to have snacks, cereal, milk and other essential food on hand so hungry helpers have something to eat.
Keep your important papers, such as your social security card, banking information, etc, in a separate box and travel with it in your car, so you always have it in your possession.
Have the keys to your new home handy, so you can easily get in when you arrive.
When unloading your boxes from the moving van, place them in the room where they belong so you don’t have to move them twice.
Unpack and enjoy your new digs!
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