The Art of Negotiation (Part 2)


Part 2 in our client series

In hopes of giving our readers insight into different elements of the real estate market, we will be sharing some of the experiences our clients have had over the years. After all, learning from other’s experiences helps us understand how we can best meet the needs of our clients. We hope these entries will help our clients navigate the sometimes turbulent, tricky, exciting East Bay real estate market.
This time, we’re pleased to feature our experience in helping Dakin Ferris and his family sell their home.  In his words, here is how selling their home was for them:

It’s always tricky to time the sale of a home—but when the home you’re moving into is under construction, the timing become infinitely more complex. Because the new home Simon helped us purchase needed major renovation, we planned to stay in our existing home for a while.  But, knowing we needed to prepare for that eventual sale, we decided to interview Saraya, who was handling Motley Team sales. At this point, I should reveal that I'm a lawyer and my wife was a former realtor. We both believe a great realtor is absolutely worth the money, but great realtors are few and far between. After sitting with Saraya, however, we instantly felt she was the one. 

A few months into the renovations on our new home, Saraya called us with an interesting idea. Here’s what unfolded: We were coming up on a presidential election and Saraya was concerned about the impact on the housing market if one of the candidates was elected. She mentioned that if we wanted to hedge our bets, we could rent a house one-block away that she had exclusive access to. We thought her advice was amazingly savvy and immediately signed up with her plan.

Saraya and Simon quickly got us set up with a lease in the rental and then Saraya got to work on preparing our home for sale. There were a lot of potential landmines in that sale and Saraya navigated them all with aplomb. She had construction crews come in and make substantial improvements in an extremely short time-frame. She professionally managed an exciting multiple-offer situation.  And ultimately, we were delighted with the final result.

From purchase of a new home, to leasing a temporary rental, to construction management, and ultimately, the sale of our prior home, Simon and Saraya are an unrivaled package. We give them top scores in all categories. If we ever sell our existing home, there is no hesitation about who we will call.

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